Rhino Rock Hike from Stanley – The kids will love it!

I can’t believe it’s taken me 15 years to visit Rhino Rock in Stanley! What started as a last-minute, let’s get out of the house decision, proved to be such a fun hike for our family here in Hong Kong. Highly recommended!

Rhino rock family hike - where do i start?

I have classified this hike as easy, as it’s relatively short. It is, however, not without its challenges which I’ll describe a little later.

The starting point to the Rhino rock hike is at the Stanley Fort, about 2 kilometres from Stanley Plaza. Established in 1841 by the British, Stanley Fort was once a coastal artillery designed to protect Victoria Harbour. During the fall of Hong Kong to the Japenese in December 1941, this is where to last of the British and Canadian troops were captured. Today it’s controlled by the Chinese PLA.

Stanley is well serviced by public buses, the majority of which running from Central and Admiralty. Once arriving in Stanley, you then have three options on how to get to the Fort –

• Walk – reasonable flat, but I wouldn’t recommend it in summer
• Bus – take bus #14 from the main bus terminal in Stanley. It runs every 10-20 minutes
• Taxi – quick and certainly affordable, especially if there are a few of you ($25)

* There is no parking here, so don’t plan on driving

Arriving at the Fort, which happens to be the end of the road so you can’t miss it, the hike starts at a set of stairs leading up the hill. It’s right next to the gated entrance to the Fort.

Start the Climb

Make your way up the stairs, climbing for about 10 minutes. There’s a reasonable chance of a whinge developing towards the top, but assure the little ones it’ll get really fun soon! The path changes from stairs to a flat path, bringing you to a communications tower and marker point.

Family Hike Hong Kong
Communications tower family hike hk

Turn right and follow the trail downhill. There are ribbons tied to trees all along this trail, so pay attention as further down there are a couple of different routes.

Even though this is a really popular hike, especially for families, the trail is quite narrow and overgrown. Expect to be walking single-file for a good part of it.

As you make your way down the hill, the trail gets sandy and quite slippery in sections. Best to take your time and help the little ones through as I guarantee they will be sliding on their bums at some point! On that note, expect to come home dirty, which is always a sign of a fun day out!

Take in the view!

From here it starts to get rocky, with some quite narrow gaps to pass through. This will be the highlight for the kids. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of climbing? 

There are a few good spots here to park up on a rock for a rest with awesome views.

Continue down the hill and along the slope to the right. Be sure to follow the markers (ribbons) as there are a few different trails. After a few minutes, you will arrive at Rhino Rock! There is no confusion as to how it got its name, quite impressive.

If you walk around the back you can climb onto its head. Be careful up there though, it’s a big drop! 

While overall this is an easy hike, there isn’t much shade around the rock, so bring your sun protection. Check out our Hiking Tips for Families page for some handy tips when hiking with kids.

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