General Hiking Tips for Families in Hong Kong

Hiking Hong Kong
Before arriving in Hong Kong, I had visions of a concrete jungle with very little nature. Whilst there is no shortage of concrete, there is plenty of jungle! Hiking could almost be considered a religion in Hong Kong, it brings families together and is a great escape from the rat race.

It never ceases to amaze me how fit and healthy the population of Hong Kong is. You can pick a Honkie by their calf muscles, conditioned from years of climbing mountains. It’s not uncommon to see elderly folks in their 90’s climbing slowly up to the peak – impressive!

There are a few considerations when planning a hike here with kids –

Best Hiking Weather

Prime hiking season is in the cooler months from November to early May. Winter is quite mild, rarely dipping below 10 degrees Celsius. From May onwards hiking isn’t for the faint-hearted. Temperatures in the low 30’s with humidity levels off the charts. Best then to pick a hike with a reward at the end, ideally a beach or swimming hole!

Big Wave Bay Dragons back

Essential Supplies

Don’t underestimate the amount of water you’ll consume, especially during the summer months. 500ml per hour per person is a good starting point. Snacks for the kids is a must, the whinge factor increases exponentially if the sugar levels get low. The summer months tend to bring out the bugs, so some decent mosquito spray is handy. Suncream is a must, along with hats. During winter it can get a bit cooler at elevation, so a light jacket isn’t a bad idea.


No, I’m not suggesting phones/ipads here. However, Geocaches have literally saved our day. When the whinging starts, pull out the app and find that next target! The app is called Geocaching, it involves finding small notes hidden with cryptic clues. Once found the kids can sign the note and hide it for the next little (or not so little) adventurers.

Geocaching Hong Kong

Get out there and Hike!

Feel free to add in the comments below your own Hiking Tips for Families in Hong Kong.

 For a good starter, whinge free hike with the kids, check out Hiking Lamma Island with Kids.

mountain view hong kong

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