Where to buy LEGO in Hong Kong – at half the normal price!

As with many things in Hong Kong, it’s not always easy to find where to buy certain products. LEGO is no exception. Let me point you in the right direction on where to buy LEGO in Hong Kong – at half the normal price!

All kids enjoy the thrill of bringing home a new set. Followed by the challenge of working through the thick book of instructions, page by page. Then after that, it’s the proud reveal of their new build.

McDonalds brick setWhile the builds happen relatively fast, saving for the set takes a long time! That changed when I found where to buy LEGO sets here in Hong Kong for less than half the price. Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so the catch is that it’s not official LEGO branded products. I was sceptical of this, however, when purchasing my first build – a 1729 piece McDonald’s restaurant (for $350hkd!). 

For instance, would it all go together well? Is it going to integrate nicely with original LEGO? How about the instructions, are they in English? Well, the answer is yes, yes and YES! I was pleasantly surprised how well made the bricks are, you cannot tell the difference between this and the real deal. The instruction books are in English, well laid out and easy to understand.

So, where do I buy "LEGO" for half price?

Those that know Hong Kong well will know that things are easy to find, provided you know which street they are on! For some reason, stores selling the same type of products love to all be on the same street in direct competition with each other.

So the place you need to find here is labelled Toy Street in Sham Shui Po (actually called Fuk Wing Street). If arriving by train, take MTR Exit B2 then walk straight ahead and take the second right.

What to expect?

You’ll find a few stores selling a variety of kids toys. Normally in Sham Shui Po, items aren’t priced, so you need to negotiate harder than when you’re trying to get the kids to brush their teeth! Not so here however, (well you could always try) but the sets are all labelled with prices that made me wonder if it was in USD?!? 

A few of the Sets we've Sampled

These are a few of the completed sets from Sham Shui Po. Don’t forget to bring your shopping bags. These environmentally friendly washable totes from Cheeky Bags are awesome. Hand made here in Hong Kong.

Looking for some great games to play with LEGO? We’ve compiled a handy list for when the little ones get bored.

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