Games to Play with LEGO – How to make something out of nothing!

Lego games Hong Kong

Games to play with LEGO

Are the kids bored? Sick of playing the same games? Bring out the Lego!

Lego games are a great way to entertain the family on rainy, polluted, or steaming hot days in Hong Kong. You can let the kids loose on the Lego pile and see what their little minds create. Check out some of our great Lego game ideas below.

Create a Lego Marble Maze

Starting with a Lego baseplate, firstly build a wall around the perimeter leaving a gap at the top and bottom. Following that, create your maze inside, providing enough space for the marble to move through. Who can create the trickiest maze? Start your stopwatch and see who can roll the marble from top to bottom through the maze quickest.

Lego Marble Maze

Make a Lego Shadow Theatre

Starting with a Lego baseplate, firstly build two frames next to each other. Be sure to leave a gap in between, as that’s where the paper screen will slot.

Measure and sut a piece of white paper to fit the screen frame size. Then add the top to close it up.

Following that, build the stage at the back. You’ll then need a bright torch to shine through the page from behind the screen.

Create your props and let the show begin!

Lego build off

Lego building competitionWhat kids aren’t up for a bit of competition? This challenge involves setting them up with identical piles of Lego, a theme and off they go. A couple of theme ideas –

• Coolest car
• Tallest tower
• Stongest box

May the best creator win! 

Widest Bridge Challenge

Who says Lego cant be educational? Let your little ones use their brains to create the widest bridge they can. Set the rules to increase the challenge. How about – 

• Tall enough to fit a boat underneath
• Must stand on its own
• Strong enough to hold some weight in the middle without collapsing

 There are quite a few different strategies for this one. May the best creation win!

Lego Bridge

Create a LEGO Bomb!

This has to be one of the craziest LEGO games out there. It takes plenty of work to prepare, but trust me, its all worth it for the 10 seconds of awesomeness!

So the intent of this game is to build a big ball of LEGO filled with small pieces. After that, once you’ve finished your masterpiece you will drop it onto the ground from height. Yes, you’re going to SMASH it! To the eye it may be a disappointment, but should you set up the camera right, on slow-motion, you’ll be wanting to share the video clip with all your LEGO loving friends.

For best results you want the outer ball to be strong enough to hold the mass of LEGO inside, but not too strong that it doesn’t explode on impact.

I cannot stress enough however that you only get one go to get this right. So firstly, take extra time to prepare the area, ideally with something to contain the spread like some boxes. Because trust me, LEGO will go everywhere! Secondly, get the camera settings and location spot on. Do a couple of tests by dropping a ball to ensure you get the actual impact with the ground on slow-motion. More than one camera is a good idea!

Where to buy LEGO in Hong Kong

Several stores in Hong Kong sell Lego. On Hk Island, there is Brickshop located in Causeway Bay or Repulse Bay. On Kowloon side, you will find the Legoland Discovery Centre

Sham Shui Po Map for cheap LEGO Alternative

There is a cheaper alternative, however. Head to the Sham Shui Po Toy Market. Take MTR exit via B2 and continue one block over to Fuk Wing Street. There you’ll find plenty of toy shops selling China branded Lego alternatives. While I was hesitant to buy at first, it’s pretty reasonable stuff, integrating fine with the existing original Lego.  

I picked up this McDonalds restaurant set built with 1729 pieces, including lights for $350hkd.

lego build Hong Kong

For more details on where you can find cheap LEGO alternatives, have a look here

A Clever way to store your Lego

I found a great idea for how to easily tidy up and store the kids Lego. Hand made in Hong Kong, these Lego Play Mats from Cheeky Bags are reversible and come in a range of different fabrics. They’re filled with soft padding so the kids can comfortably sit on it on a hard floor. Best of all, when it’s time to tidy up, simply pull the strings and hang it behind a door – easy!

Priced at $325hkd I feel that’s reasonable considering you can choose the fabric style and have it made to order.

Looking for the best Lego sets? Here is a great site that reviews sets by age group.

When the kids are ready for the next adventure, check out more of our Rainy Day Activities.

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