Affordable Dining Options in the IFC Mall

Affordable dining in the IFC Mall
Affordable dining in the IFC Mall

Heading to town and looking to feed the family? We’ve compiled a few of the best and most affordable dining options at the IFC Mall.

The IFC Mall is a great central location on Hong Kong Island. Easy access to public transport, with the MTR underneath. Alternatively, the two car-parks are rarely full and reasonably priced. The mall, however, is full of high-end shops, with mostly fancy dining options to suit. 

Read on to find a few of the best and most affordable dining in IFC.

Shake Shack affordable dining IFC

Shake Shack - Million dollar views for an Affordable Price

Yes, its fast food. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be a fine experience. Located on the Level 4 viewing platform in the IFC mall New York based Shake Shack boasts million-dollar views of the harbour.

This is a great option for affordable family dining in the heart of the city. You can dine outside alfresco style, which is rare in Hong Kong, especially in the heart of the city. When they first opened in Hong Kong the queues were as thick as their fries. Nowadays, due to having six restaurants scattered around the city, you normally won’t have too much trouble finding a table. Inside dining is also available for those who’d prefer.

The menu is extensive but importantly, for the parents, they serve beer and wine. And for the kids, they give free ice-cream after the meal. For canine lovers, they even sell little dog treats. What’s not to like?

To find Shake Shack you need to make your way up to Level 4, either via the escalators on the waterfront side of the mall or if coming from the carpark via the elevator. Ride to the top floor viewing platform and walk to the opposite end (towards the Ferris Wheel).

Have a look at their menu here before you go.

Affordable dining in the IFC Mall

BYO to the Roof Terrace

Roof Terrace IFCWe’re all trying to save a dollar nowadays right? So instead of locking into a $200+ sit down meal, grab your lunchbox, or some take-away from City Super and dine on the rooftop. Being one of Hong Kong’s best-kept secrets, this Garden Terrace boasts amazing views of the Harbour.

Take the elevator in front of City Super supermarket to the top floor. Most of the seating here on the 4th Floor GardenTerrace is actually Public Seating. It doesn’t appear that way as most of the restaurants also use these seats, but they cannot stop the general public from sitting there. What they will do, however, is remove the cushions!

Have the kids in tow? There is also some grass for them to work off their shopping mall tension!

Dim Sum Crystal Jade IFC
Crystal Jade IFC Hk
Dim Sum IFC Hk

Fancy some Dim Sum?

Craving some Dim Sum? There are a couple of options in the IFC Mall, but by far the most reasonably priced option is the one Michelin star restaurant Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. 

Located right above the In-Town Check-In area on Level Two (take the elevator) Crystal Jade offers quite decent Dim Sum. With its origins in Singapore, they now have branches worldwide serving Shanghai / Sichuan style cuisine. 

Lunchtime crowds can be quite thick, but with a bit of planning you can roll in like a rockstar! Download the Crystal Jade App where you can first check how long the queue is, and secondly get yourself a ticket. Once within a few numbers wander over to avoid standing outside for too long.

If unsure of what to order, they are famous for their La Mian Noodles. Available in a range of options, the Dan-Dan Noodles is quite good if you like spicy peanut, sesame flavours. Don’t miss their Shanghai-style Steamed Pork Dumplings which are little pockets of delight.

A Healthy Option

For a quick healthy option, you won’t go too wrong with Pret-A-Manger. Located on the first floor, you’ll find Pret facing the glass doors that open onto the City side of IFC. Whilst quite a small store, there is an option to dine-in. Should that be full, take your food up to the Roof Top Terrace and enjoy some outdoor dining.

Originating from London, Pret-A-Manger specializes in sandwiches, salads, and coffee. Delivered fresh each morning, the food is always fresh, with left-over food being donated to charities via Feeding Hong Kong. 

The coffee is decent, using the organic Aracia brand with many dairy-free milk options available. They are very in tune with any Food Sensitivities here. Should you have any issues, the staff have a detailed list of allergy information for everything sold in the store.